S’more Brownies


Here are step by step pictures of s’more brownies I made for the girls varsity tennis team. These were pretty easy to make considering the fact that I used a box mix but did not turn out exactly as a planned (These took over 45 minutes to bake! And the batter was too thick to spread around hence some marshmallows covered while others not). However I do have to admit that brownies from the box are far superior to my homemade brownies so therefore these taste delicious.

Pour half the brownie mixture in the pan.

Add a layer of graham crackers.

Sprinkle on some chocolate chips.

Add some marshmallows.

Add the rest of the batter. Notice how some of the marshmallows are covered while some aren’t. My original plan was to completely cover all the marshmallows.

Done baking.

Inspired by Picky Palate.

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