Chocolate Cake Balls


Out of all the things that I bake these fall under the category of the top three things that my friends love. The other two are my chocolate chip banana muffins and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. While those are pretty easy and quick to make, these are a lot more time consuming, however the end result is just pure chocolatey goodness. What exactly is a chocolate cake ball? You may known these as cake truffles or some of my friends even call them chocolate balls. Cake balls are a rolled up mixture of cake crumbs and frosting covered in chocolate. They’re very simple to make, but just requires a lot of planning ahead since you have to let the cake cool and then roll out each individual ball. Since these are rather tiring to make I cheat by using a cake mix and canned frosting. However, everyone I know love love loves these so if there’s someone you need to impress or win the heart of, definitely try these balls.

Cake crumbs. I used a food processor and it always turns out perfect.

After mixing in the frosting.

Cake balls ready for the refrigerator and afterwards to be dipped in chocolate!

Melted chocolate for dipping.

Cake mix
Canned frosting
Chocolate chips

1. Prepare the cake according to the directions.
2. Once the cake is cooled either use a food processor or a fork to create crumbs.
3. Mix the can of frosting with the crumbs until you get a mixture that is able to be rolled into balls, not too sticky but not too crumbly.
4. Roll the mixture into little balls, if you want to make lollipops, place a stick in them. Place in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.
5. For every once of chocolate chips add 1/2 tsp of shortening. I like to start off with about 6 ounces of chocolate chips and 3 tsp of shortening and if I run out of chocolate mix some more.
6. Dip the chocolate balls into the melted chocolate and place back in the refrigerator to cool.

Grade: A+
I’m pretty sure my cake balls are more famous than me. If I was a chocolate cake ball I think I would be the most popular girl in the world. Enough said.


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