Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

(The strawberry is frozen, I used the cool whip as glue to keep it from falling off)

I made this cake for my brother’s 16th birthday. Hard to believe that my baby brother has reached his “Sweet Sixteen”! Despite the fact that he is legally allowed to be on the road, he still acts like a 10 year old, sometimes even younger. He requested an ice cream cake for his birthday and didn’t tell me which flavor he wanted. Since I know he likes cookies and cream ice cream I decided to make him a cake using that and chocolate cake. However once he saw the chocolate saw he said he doesn’t like chocolate cake and wanted strawberry. What a brat!! Nevertheless the cake turned out delicious and my mom loved it. (My brother took one bite) Also being the fantastic sister I am, I bought him a t-shirt that he really wanted, a cardigan, and button up shirt. That boy is so lucky to have me as a sister. However making this cake was a lot of fun and very simple. I frosted the cake with cool whip and drizzled on some chocolate ganache. Tastes just like one you get from Baskin Robbins! PS I bet you guys didn’t know this but I use to work at Baskin Robbins 3 years ago. I was in charge of building the ice cream cakes.

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