Carrot Cake for Josephine’s Birthday

Photobucket (Photo taken from Connie Qian)

Let me just tell you that for these past two days, life has never been better. For the past two nights I have went out singing karaoke with some of the funniest girls ever. I ate Chipotle, met up with some of my favorite juniors, saw my favorite teacher who I had freshman year for Geometry, went to the beach with nice sunny weather, baked a whole bunch of delicious things, had a bake feast with the Vegetarian/Persian crew, laughed, and the best part was not to worry about any drama or stress. To top it off, today was the bff’s Josephine’s birthday. If you recall, last year I made her carrot cupcakes. She asked for them again this year and since we don’t really get to celebrate birthdays with each other since we’re at college, I decided to make her a cake. This year I toasted some coconut (This was my first time toasting coconut so they turned a little browner than I hoped) for decoration which added a nice crunch to the cake. Everyone loved the cake. After singing Happy Birthday to Jo we went to sing karaoke which I guess is a new tradition of ours. (No complaints here!) It was nice singing to Tik Tok and my favorite Justin Bieber! Happy Birthday Josephine!

Dry ingredients.

Wet ingredients.

Cake batter.

All baked and cooling.

Coconut ready to be toasted.

After toasting, I put them in for a little too long, oops!

Cream cheese frosting yummy!

Assembling the cake:


Ready to be covered in coconut!

Grade: A
Even though I burnt the coconut, it still tasted delicious!


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