Happy Birthday to Me!

Let’s just say I had one of the most unexpected, fabulous, and tear filled surprised birthday party ever! Having just flown home from spring break Friday night, I was so relieved and exited to go home. Finals have been a pain in the butt, and to make it worse I celebrated my birthday the Sunday right before finals week in the library sitting in one spot for 10+ hours with nothing but the air conditioning blasting full blast and plants as my surrounding. I mean what could you really do, it was the weekend before finals and everyone was studying including myself so this was just a very laid back low key birthday. However I was planning to celebrate with my friends once we got back home since most of us had the same spring break. The Saturday after I got back my mom planned to have a dinner celebrating with her side of the family. If you read my blog you know that we normally always eat on Sundays. This should have been my first clue. Normally I’m pretty good at catching on to suspicious behavior but this time I wasn’t able to put two and two together until I heard a chorus of happy birthday coming from the door and a group of the best friends I have walked into my house. More clues included preparing a lot of food just for a few people, telling me to dress up nice since my cousin Sean and Shannon wanted to take pictures, asking for all of my friends’ last name, and decorating the house with flowers. My mom told me to bake a lot of goods but I did that anyways without questioning her. So back to my reaction. (It was quite a dramatic reaction since I am a dramatic person) My first thought was that I thought it was my brother and his friends singing because he went biking looking for his cell phone and they are weird people like that. However when I saw my friends walk in through the door including Erin and Devina who wouldn’t be able to make my party on Friday, I starting crying . I would have to say I was a major mess crying and laughing at the same time for 15 minutes and hugging everyone. Wow what a surprise! It turns out that my mom was able to pull this all off, emailing back and forth with my friends without me ever finding out!

I’ve got to say this has been one of the best birthdays ever, I got to see most of the besties who completely caught me off guard! I love you guys so much! Erin, Devina, Connie, Josephine, Neesha, Olga, Devina, Safa, Maanya, and Roya!!!!!!! Also to end the fun night, Chat Roulette!!! Wow what an amazing beginning to spring break!

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