Napoleon cake

I made this today at my friend’s Nima house with the help of my lovely friends, Roya and Nima. After finding some phyllo dough in Nima’s fridge, I decided to make a napoleon cake like the one that he and Safa had at his grad party. We layered baked phyllo dough that we brushed with butter and pastry cream from a Martha Stewart recipe. For a nice effect, crumbled pieces of baked phyllos dough were sprinkled on top. A dusting of powder sugar over anything makes it look beautiful and to complete, I garnished the napoleon with some blackberries that I found in Nima’s fridge and a mint leaf that Nima’s mom gave to me. For the main meal, Nima and Roya made some delicious vegetarian portabello paninis using Nima’s new panini maker. Here are some beautiful pictures to enjoy!

Roya and Nima’s beautiful creation. These contained spinach, onions, portabellos, sun dried tomato spread, and Parmesan cheese.

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