Chocolate and Vanilla Cake for Alice’s Going Away Party


Yesterday one of my very good friends Alice is leaving us for the very prestige business school of Wharton. Even though we didn’t become close friends until this year, I’m glad in the end we did become friends. Alice is an amazing person and extremely hard worker (Trust me I’ve seen her AP scores). She also is hilarious and clueless, a great combination that is both entertaining and humorous to watch (Forgetting the difference between left and right, falling off her bed in Yosemite, drinking Olga’s water). We’ve had some great times at Narnia, Senior All Night party, winterball, and just hanging out in general. Also, who else gets the jokes about the Mike look a likes, getting the BL syndrome, and Tony the 4th?

Anyways, I made this cake for her going away dinner. I used the recipe from the King Arthur website. It’s chocolate and vanilla cake with a whipped chocolate ganache. I ran out of cocoa powder so I substituted melted chocolate chips. I have to admit, although it looked beautiful, I’ve definitely made better tasting cakes. The concept was a great one and if I ever do make a cake like this again, I’m going to use the Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe and the William Sonoma white cake recipe.

I shall leave you with one of my absolute favorite memories of Alice.
Setting: Connie’s 18th birthday at her house.
Connie’s dad walks into the house.
Alice: OMG!!!!!!!!!! He does look like Mike!!!

Love you! Don’t forget us in Penn!

Chocolate batter

Ready to bake.

Vanilla batter, ready to bake.

Pouring the hot heavy cream over the chocolate chips.

After the ganache had set in the refridgerator, I used my hand mixer to beat up the ganache to make it spreadable.

Putting together the cake.

The recipe is extremely long so here’s the link: Choco-nilla Cake

Grade: B
The vanilla cake was dense and not very good tasting. I can’t really say for the chocolate layer either because I ran out of cocoa powder but the chocolate ganache was yummy,
The frosting was the only thing that saved this cake.

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