Sprinkles Cupcakes

Many of you have probably heard of the famous cupcake store, Sprinkles founded by Candace Nelson which has claimed to start the whole cupcake craze. The first store opened in Beverly Hills, and as of now there are only 6 stores opened throughout the US. I am lucky enough that the closest one to me is only about a 30 minute drive from my house. They have a Twitter that sometimes has tweets that tells you a secret word to whisper which allows you to get a free cupcake. I have to admit I went on a crazy Sprinkles run, in which I had four cupcakes for four days straight. My friend Erin got very very mad at me but I have to admit I am be a little crazy sometimes. On Sunday, I got a dark chocolate cupcake. Monday was cinnamon sugar, Tuesday peanut butter chocolate, and Wednesday red velvet. I would have to say the cupcakes were pretty good, very sweet and moist but not as extraordinary as people claim. I probably could make cupcakes just as tasty but a $3.25 cupcake for free? I would have to say this is a pretty sweet deal.

My dark chocolate cupcake.

Peanut butter chocolate.

Some of the cupcakes.


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