Fourth of July Cupcakes



Happy Belated Fourth of July everyone! Having taken the vigorous class of APUSH my junior year, I now know the significance behind this important holiday. I would have to say I had an excellent fourth surrounded by some of my closest friends and cupcakes. I had a fun filled packed fourth and was glad I got to spend time with one of my closest buds, Erin. Here’s how our day went.


Erin and I had planned to go to Sur La Table in Santana Row because her mom received an email that they were having cupcake demonstrations. We decided to get there early to avoid that non existent traffic to discover that this Sur La Table no longer did demonstrations. Since we had 36 minutes we decided we could still make it and instead go to the store in downtown Los Gatos. However, Erin and I don’t really drive to Los Gatos very often so we got a bit lost, going backwards on the high way and then finally getting to 17. Once we got to 17, we hit all the traffic of the cars who wanted to go to beach. Also 17 is tiny, there’s three lanes that always seem to be merging into two. Erin was in a bad mood and I tried my best to cheer her up. On the bright side, she had excellent mommy mini van driving skills. We reached downtown Los Gatos and were able to find the store. To our disappointment, it wasn’t really a demonstration but instead just talking about how to make the cupcakes. On the bright side, we received samples of mini cupcakes and recipes. We then decided to go to the Icing on the Cake bakery but unfortunately it was closed. After that, we drove back to Santana Rowe to Kara’s Cupcakes. The two of us split a strawberry cupcake which in my opinion, I could have made.

Went to the opening of Blackberry Farm since we heard there was free food. Stood in line for about 20 minutes to discover that it was pulled pork which Erin doesn’t eat. Luckily, there were Whole Food coupons which she took advantage of. Went to Target to buy ingredients for our mini cupcakes. Made these delicious mini cupcakes and decorated them in colored sugar.

Went over to Devina’s house, 2nd day in a row. Meet up with some of my favorite people including Maanya, Varada, Derek who is on crunches, Vivek, Roya etc etc. Drove to Hyde Park to watch the fireworks. I would have to say they were pretty cool. Highlight of the night: Erin gets stuck climbing over a fence and I’m the only one trying to help her while Matt and Vivek stand there laughing. Afterwards we went to Devina’s moms house and proceeded to play Big Booty and loser had to take a dare.

I guess this is what summer is all about. Staying out late, hanging out with friends. Just doing things like talking, laughing. Sometimes I wish it would never end. But like the Nelly Furtado song goes, “All good things come to an end.”

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