Olga and Iliana’s Fried Rice

Now many people who know me know that I’m not much of a materialistic person (ish). I mean do I enjoy shopping and buying things for the kitchen but overall I don’t believe I have to have the best of everything. I mean seriously you should see my Pho car. But anyways, there are a couple of objects that I am proud of, some including my prom dress, my high heels, and my Japanese rice cooker. Well technically it’s not mine, but the whole family’s or even my dad’s since he bought it but let’s pretend now that it is mine. I am Asian, I eat rice a couple times of week, it’s part of my diet. Of course we have a rice cooker. When our old one brought, my mom went and bought a new one at Costco. However, my dad was fed up with it since the rice it was making did not taste good and as Asians we eat rice almost everyday! He went online and bought like a hundred dollar top of the line Japanese one. This one is pretty awesome. It can cook brown rice, sushi rice, and regular rice and perhaps more who knows. And the best part is, besides the delicious rice, is that is SINGS! Yup, it hums a little tune when it begins cooking and then once again when the rice is done.

Anyways, back to my title. Yesterday at our little mini get together we had the idea of making sushi. But due to complications we couldn’t, but I had brought rice over. So instead Olga and I made fried rice. Well technically she did most of the cutting and cooking, while I stirred and told her to add and extra egg, but it’s the teamwork that counts. 🙂 And the rice was delicious!

Some beautiful pictures taken by the lovely Olgie




Grade: A


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