Christmas M&M Cookies

My mom took the camera to work today so I took these using my Mac. Like Mac from In Dubious Battle said, “Use what you got”. Can you tell? I think I did a pretty good job moving the screen at the correct angle.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before break and I’ll be a second semester senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t know how excited I am, but the only thing that stands between me and that bell ringing at 12:05 is one essay and a hard math final! 😦 😦 😦 But oh how I’ll excited for the time that clock reads 12:06. Second semester senior means the official start of senioritis, slacking off (getting B’s), regular economics and not sucky Gov Ap, no more reading quizzes and studying two hours everyday, hanging out with my friends, WINTERBREAK, and more time for baking. My break is starting off with a bang, on Friday Devina and Alice’s birthday party and on Sunday our holiday part!!

Anyways….can’t you just tell how excited I am for the end of 1st semester senior year? So the reason I made these cookies is for my tennis team banquet tomorrow. I thought since I am giving the girls a giftcard from Jamba Juice in a Christmas party bag I should somehow make my cookies festive. I thought of putting Christmas colored M&M’s and when I went to buy some at target the only festive ones I could find were peanuts, dark chocolate and mint. Since there’s always a fear of someone being allergic to nuts and most people including my myself dislike dark chocolate, the mint M&Ms were the obvious choice. Also, I am the biggest fan of chocolate and mint flavoring. Since my brother loved the chocolate chip cookies I made the other day so much I promised him that I’d make him some today. So I doubled the recipe for the best chocolate chips from here and instead of chocolate chips substituted M&Ms. The only problem I had was getting the M&M’s to show up on top and my first match was really flat but nevertheless delicious. Maybe I didn’t add enough baking soda?

Grade: A
Yummy in my tummy! I hope the girls like these. I personally love M&M cookies and hope to make these in the future for a special occasion using different colored M&Ms. The cookies were crispy and soft and had a delicious flavor.

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